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Create image links that you can use on facebook, twitter or Linkedin to drive traffic to your webpage and get paid for every image link click.

Create Image Links and Earn

How it works?

Using Piclinks is really simple. Just create image links, post links on social media and get traffic to your website, blogs and videos. Image Links are proven method for more traffic.

  • More organic traffic
  • More ads earnings
  • More backlinks
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What is Piclinks?

Piclinks is an online platform that allows you to create image links to drive traffic to yout webpage, youtube video or your direct ads link. No credit card needed, Just sign up, create your image link and get paid for clicks you get on your image links.

Create Account

In order to create links, start with creating a account with kust your email address.

Simply Login

Login to your Dashboard using your email address and OTP.

Create Link

Upload image, enter URL and Description for your image link.

Promote your Link

Post your link on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin to get Link clicks.


Our algorithms tracks natural clicks and gives your insight about traffic.

Get Paid

Get paid for the genuine clicks you recive on your image links.

Why Piclinks?

Using piclinks, gives you an added advantage. You get the free traffic to your webpage or video from social media using our image links and earn more with the organic traffic.

Secure Accounts

Security is priority and hence your account is secured with 2FA.

Transparent Statistics

Get exact link created, links clicks and estimated earnings right in your dashboard.

Unlimited Links

Create as many links as you want to drive traffic to your webpage, youtube video or even direct ads link.

Fluent Support

Get your queries resolved in moments with our team reachable at email and chat. Resolved in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Almost all the resolutions are available in these FAQs and you won't need any research while using our simple tool to drive traffic to your webpage, youtube video or even a direct ads link using our image link and get paid for that. Uptto $50 per 1000 link clicks.

  • Do I need to pay something to get started?

    No, using Piclinks is completely free. You just need to create an account and generate image links and post them on social media platforms. For every link clicks, you will get paid.

  • Piclinks makes payout every 15th of a month. If you have accumulated the minimum withdrawal amount i.e $50, then by 8th of every month, you will need to make a withdrawal request and we will make the payment in the payment method save in your account.

  • At the moment for Indian users, UPI is supported and for other countries, Paypal is supported. Webmoney and Direct Bank transfer is soon be added.

  • We recommend using 1280 by 720 pixels image to use for your image link. It looks more realtistic and upon posting on social media platform it doesn'y get distorted or cropped. Hence, it increases the probability to gain more image clicks and get more traffic to your webpage.

  • URL could be anything of your choice. It can be a link to your website, blogger post, youtube video or even direct ads link. Please note that image links can generate massive amount of traffic to your destination URL, so use it wisely.

  • If your using Facebook on computer then hard-refresh the browser using Shift+F5 on windows and CTRL+F5 on mac and then repost the links. On mobile app, just close the app from the app drawer, reopen the app and post the image link. It will work now.

  • First, paste the image link in post and when the image appears, just delete the image link and write the catchy post title.

  • Description is the text that will show below the image on social media platforms like facebook. These description are integral part to attract user to click on image. Using catchy description gets you more traffic and let's you earn more from Piclinks also.


In case you are experiencing any technical issue while login or sign up or you just want to know more about our services, please feel free to reach out to us.